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Munster Madness: 2023-2024 Final Rosters


Aaliyah Ross

Addie Hyland

Brooklyn Flores

Deegan Nannenga

Giuliana Lebeter

Leila Rubio

Marlowe Wallace

Mazzy Staniszeski

Mila Casillas

Noelle Timmer

Ryan Pistilli

Taylor Kahle



Hannah Osborn

Alyssa Ramirez 

Sofia Romero 

Charlie Luksich 

Mackenzie Metzen 

Samantha Glab 

Lucy Smith

Evie Warren 

Annie Hoover 

Julianna Tabor 

Mary-Grace Renwald


Julianne Hyland

Danielle Tobias

Yianna Kounelis

Vayda Chismar

Lyla Tian

Sadie Fuchs

Karissa Gomez

Vida Vargas

Bailey Wilson

Olivia Finch

Natalie Serrano

Evelyn Salinas

MHS Varsity Skills Clinic

On Saturday, May 6th, the MHS Varsity team hosted a skills clinic.  We hope to have many more clinics in the future so be on the lookout for details!  

Munster Girls Softball, Inc.

Is an Indiana Non-For-Profit Corporation  established  on February 23, 1973.  The purpose for which the Corporation was formed, is to stimulate participation in girl's recreational softball, and develop a spirit of good sportsmanship and fair play.  It is suggested in the Articles of Incorporation, that the supervisors of the league bear in mind, at all times, that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary, and that the molding of future citizens is of prime importance.